Welcome to Walkin Talkin Therapy. My name is Jeffrey H. Carter. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of both Texas and Pennsylvania. I have spent the past 15 years providing comprehensive psychological care to individuals and couples. A common occurrence I see happening is this idea we're all familiar with....change happens. But what happens when the consequences of the change are so negative they severely impact our lives?

·        Do you sometimes feel stuck, unsure what direction to proceed?

·        Ever feel like you're second-guessing each decision you make?

·        Are you tired of feeling alone in a crowded room?

Recognizing that every individual is different and challenged by their own set of specific concerns, my goal is to assist clients in finding new strategies for managing their current issues and to become the lifelong custodian of their own happiness and wellness. 

If you feel the time has come to address your depression/anxiety, relationship discourse, addiction, anger issues, or perhaps grief and loss....just know you can overcome whatever challenge facing you. 


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